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Revere Electric is a leader in Sustainability Solutions.Our sustainability specialists have over 60 years of experience in resource management applications.We are able to provide a complete turnkey solution for lighting solutions, motion control solutions, power quality solutions, energy management solutions, recycling and HVAC.These solutions come together to provide total industrial energy savings.

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Why Move to Sustainable Products and Services?

  • Potential Industrial Energy Savings of 50% or more
  • Less Energy Consumption Equals Improved Bottom Line
  • Lower Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Government Legislation
  • "Green Energy Management Solutions" Corporate Initiatives
  • Utility Incentives
  • Tax Incentives/EPACT 2005

A local plastics manufacturer added a variable frequency drive to their cooling tower system. This customer was able to cut his energy bill for the application in half. The utility company, in this case, ComEd, gave them an incentive of $60/HP, covering just short of the ComEd incentive limit of 50% on this $87,000 drive package. We were able to take the ComEd rebate off of our invoice for the drive, resulting in an immediate $41,400 savings. This industrial facility showed a 6 month payback on the cost of the drive. After the initial 6 months, their energy bill savings equated to $157,000 a year.

Sustainable operations solutions include:

Sustainable Products and Services

Sustainable Products

Sustainability is about saving energy with products that are more efficient and possess longer life cycles. Revere has lighting solutions, motor and drive solutions, power quality solutions, energy management solutions, mechatronic solutions and recycling solutions - all of which are sure to meet your stringent demands.

Future Energy Solutions

Future Energy

Sustainable solutions are only going to get broader as the technology evolves and the utility companies continue to offer substantial rebates. Some of the newer technology is already beginning to surface. We are starting to see the emergence of compressed air studies, electric car charging stations, co-gen/energy assurance solutions, energy and waste heat recovery, boiler upgrades and HVAC solutions. Look to Revere to keep you up to date on what is happening in the world of Sustainable Operations.

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Trade Ally Status with Local Utility Companies

Revere will process and collect rebates on your behalf so your invoices will reflect the after-rebate cost.

    • ComEd (Illinois)
    • Ameren (Central Illinois)
    • Focus on Energy (FOE) (Wisconsin)


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