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Today's highly competitive manufacturing businesses across the globe face unprecedented challenges. Whether you're a manufacturer, material supplier, or machine builder (OEM), you are affected by shifting customer demands, globalization, industry consolidation, technology innovations, plant safety requirements, government regulations and the demand for lower customer price; which are all driving change. Plant safety is one area where it never pays to cut corners. Companies need to increase plant safety for their employees without any added downtime or reduced productivity. Revere's Safety Solution Specialists can make you both safe and productive.

Revere Electric Safety Solutions

How can you benefit from a well implemented plant safety program?

  • Improves profitability
  • Protects your people, machinery, the environment, and your investments.
  • Reduces lost time accidents, enhances workplace safety, enhances plant safety, improves employee morale, and enhances productivity.
  • Makes you compliant with regulatory standards such as NFPA70E Arc Flash; which includes; arc flash study, arc flash analysis, and arc flash protection. Other standards include: UL, ISO, IEC
  • Often uncovers additional inventory cost reductions

A recent Liberty Mutual poll of executives shows that for every $1 spent on direct costs related to an accident, there are another $3 to $5 worth of indirect costs...putting the actual cost of an accident (with direct medical and compensation costs of $15,000) at somewhere between $45,000 and $75,000. Most executives polled by Liberty Mutual said that for every $1 their company spent on workplace safety, they saved at least $3. In a recent poll of financial decision makers the participants perceived that on average for every dollar spent improving working place approximately $4.41 would be returned.

Safety solutions include:

Machine and Personnel Safety

Machine Safety

Safety Services

Safety Services

  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Safety Circuit Analysis Validation
  • Design Services
  • Stop Time Measurements
  • Time Distance Calculations
  • CE Certification
  • Arc Flash Engineering Audits
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Arc Flash Implementation and Training
  • Custom Sign Program
  • Custom Consulting and Training


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