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Stage Three: Proper Design & Verification Techniques

The Functional Safety Lifecycle and YOU!

Stage 3: Proper Design and Verification Techniques

Machine safety has become more recognized than ever before. Employers and equipment manufacturers are tasked with providing equipment that is free from recognized hazards yet remain efficient, productive, & competitively priced. Revere Electric Supply, in partnership with Rockwell Automation, can provide you the tools needed to improve compliance, simplify development, reduce design time, and reduce costs.

In Stages 1 & 2, you learned the importance of having a proven method of providing documentation showing a machine is safe to operate, mitigation techniques required, and developing the functional safety requirements for your newly assessed machine. For Stage 3, we will focus on providing the tools needed to properly design and verify your safety system.

During the Design & Verification process, the user will use the functional specifications to help select components that meet the criteria & performance level laid out during the risk assessment.

Revere Electric Machine Safety

What Considerations Should go into Developing Functional Specifications?

  1. What mitigation technique should I use?
  2. What circuit structure should I use? (Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3, Cat 4)
  3. What safety products should I use?
  4. Where are all my safety products located?
  5. What kind of diagnostics do I need?

In at the end of reviewing the considerations, you have established the products and guidelines needed to design your system. The products should meet your required performance level, be wired to the circuit structure designed, and meet the safety function designed in Stage 2.

Applying the Appropriate Design

  1. Make sure the products being used meet the criteria laid out in the risk assessment and functional specifications.
  2. Do the products selected include all the necessary safety and reliability data?

    For a complete list of Input, Logic, & Output Devices, please visit: Note that Revere Electric is here to help you move forward with product selection to meet the requirements set by your risk assessment.

Verifying the Design

The most common method to verify your design is known from a 3rdParty Software Program called SISTEMA Performance Level Calculator.With SISTEMA, you can input your devices and verify that the application will meet your required design.The report generated by SISTEMA can also be provided to your customer to help as well. Note that our safety partners can help you move forward with the validation process to meet the requirements set by your risk assessment and design process.

Rockwell Automation has assembled numerous Machinery Safety Functions that are applicable to current Input, Logic, & Output devices. Along with those devices, you can example of product selection that highlight the expectations of the safety system in a common environment. If you are working on current project, please use these as reference to help you move from your Risk Assessment (Stage 1) to Design and Verification (Stage 3).

For more information into providing the appropriate products to meet your risk assessment and functional safety specifications, please review the following:

Rockwell Automation Machinery Safebook 5

Rockwell Automation Pre-Engineered Safety Functions

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