Look Around, Gear is Everywhere!

Gear is Everywhere!

Hi there. Angie Rypel, your friendly neighborhood Motor Control Center Specialist here. I’ve been looking around lately, and do you know what I’m coming to realize? Gear. Is. Everywhere. Literally everyone I meet needs power. To bring it into their facility, to distribute it, to condition it, to transfer it or prop it up in case of a failure, to use it to start motors or to turn on lights.

Revere has an entire team of resources devoted to Power Distribution Products [“Gear”] - consisting of dedicated Inside and Outside specialists (AKA Product Managers) that can help you spec and size the right product for any application. And with manufacturers such as Eaton, Allen Bradley, Liebert, Bussman, and Asco, you know you’ll always be getting the right “Gear” for your application.

Specialties Include:

  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Switchboards
  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Transformers
  • UPS Equipment
  • Unit Substations [Metal Enclosed – Metal Clad]
  • Automatic/Manual Transfer Switches
  • Power Factor Correction Solutions
  • Arc Flash Mitigation
  • Panelboards [Distribution & Lighting]
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Circuit Breakers [Miniature, Molded Case, Draw Out]
  • Coordination Panelboards
  • Voltage Sag Correctors
  • Power System Studies

So, if you need help with a power distribution application, don’t fear. Get your gear here at Revere!

Switchgear Project Management Overview


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