Kinetix 5700 Regenerative Bus Supply

Kinetix 5700 Regenerative Bus Supply ( AFE) and Large Frame Inverters

Automation is everywhere. Think about it. Robotics is becoming more and more prevalent and industrial manufacturers are constantly seeking larger controls and larger systems. Have you ever wondered how all of that is affecting our Nation’s power grid? Rockwell Automation not only thinks about it, they are actually doing something about it by bringing new innovative products to the market that help conserve power. One such new product is the Regenerative Bus Supply Kinetix 5700 and Large Frame Inverters.

What is a Regenerative Buss Supply? Well, to put it simply, it is a power supply that allows the energy from your system (that was wasted in heat before) to be put back into the AC power source. Doing this creates the following advantages:

  • Mounting Flexibility: These drives can be mounted to the left or the right of the Regenerative Bus Supply.
  • Hi power density design to reduce the footprint of your servo system.
  • Wide range of input voltage 324-528VAC with continuous rated amps. When you use a Regenerative Bus Supply you can have up to 90 meters motor length (based on motor type) and up to 1200M total system cable length.
  • Reduce System Wiring: The drive uses an integrated L-C harmonic filter, which means there is one less module to mount and wire.

Also, when it comes to power there are Power Supplies up to 207A (Rated DC Amps) available with CIP Energy capabilities that include onboard diagnostic for power quality monitoring which provide real time analytics. Having a built-in power quality management tool with unity power factor for efficient power usage and minimized harmonics allows customers to meet IEEE519 requirements.

The Large frame inverters expand the Kinetix 5700 to up to 112KW with Safe Torque Off (STO) and Advanced Safety. They still allow you to Bookshelf zero stack mount and use the single cable Technology form the servo motors. It includes DC Common Bus Capabilities that allow the excess energy back through the common bus, which captures the electrical energy that is normally wasted when stopping or cycling a motor.

For more information on the Regenerative Bus Supply Contact your Revere Motion Specialist.

Kinetix 5700 Regenerative Bus Supply

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