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How Can You Improve Productivity "On the Line?"

How Can You Improve Productivity "On the Line"

In manufacturing, if you see a conveyor, there is a high probability that you will also see cable pull switches.  

Cable pulls perform an important function in the emergency stopping of a line.  A line may need to be stopped for any number of reasons; some of those reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Safety
  • Machine Safety
  • Product Damage
  • Package Controls

While cable pulls are often mandatory, they can potentially cause problems that could have a negative impact on productivity.  Some of those problems include:

  • Increased Installation Time
  • Nuisance Trips
  • Tension Adjustments
  • Longer Cable Runs
  • Locating Trip Locations

Wouldn't it be nice to have a more efficient cable pull switch?

Well, now we do!  Rockwell Automation's Guardmaster LifeLine 5 eliminates all the problems mentioned above with one switch! 

Rockwell Automation's LifeLine5 Gives you:

  • Solid state operation - first in the industry
  • Enhanced safety and productivity with microprocessor-based
  • Performance at the highest safety ratings, even in series connection
  • TÜV Approved
  • PLe Cat 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • SIL CL3 per IEC 62061 and IEC 61508
  • EN ISO 13850 and IEC 60947-5-5
  • 100 m (328 ft) maximum cable span
  • Electronic rope monitoring system - monitors the cable span
  • Compensation for thermal expansion
  • Built in margin indication to help reduce downtime
  • Wide operating temperature range (-20°C to 75°C (-4° F to 167° F)
  • 270-degree visible LED indicators which offer diagnostics for switch and tensioning setup
  • Rugged stainless steel (IP69K) or die cast aluminum (IP66) housing with an optional e-stop
  • Available with a 5 -or 8-pin Micro M12 connector
  • OSSD outputs (2 OSSDs for safety, 1 Auxiliary, 1 Tension/margin (8- pin model only)

Don’t take it from us, check out the video below to see the benefits of the Lifeline 5 or better yet, contact Revere’s Industrial Controls Product Manager for a Hands-On demo!

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