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Product Advisory Notices and Obsolescence

Technology is always changing and as your premier automation distributor we want to try to keep you abreast of any product notifications and product obsolescence that may be occurring.

Of course, to have the most up to date information on your Rockwell Automation products, we suggest that you create a profile on Rockwell's knowledgebase and request that all product notifications be sent directly to your email box.

Molex - Product Change Notifications

September 2018

The change may affect the fit, form, function or appearance of the parts, or it may result in a change to the specification. Please see

complete details for the description of change and part numbers affected.

Complete Details

Eaton Heavy Duty 30A and 60A Safety Switches

July 2018

Eaton has identified a potential nonconformance with certain Eaton Heavy Duty 30A and 60A Safety Switches. The safety switch can

potentially supply power when the handle is in the "off" position, subjecting the operator of the switch or any downstream

equipment to risk of serious bodily injury or death.

This issue affects various configurations of 30A and 60A Heavy Duty safety switches manufactured between November 19, 2015 and

January 23, 2018.

Please see Appendix B for a complete list of affected catalog number prefixes.Potentially affected switches can be identified

using the information identified in Figures 1 and 2.

<Complete Details

Fluke - Critical Safety Alert: Test lead set, "Voltage Test Lead, 3-phase + N", included with Fluke 173x, 174x Power Quality Loggers and 3540FC Power Monitor

July 2018

Fluke is issuing this Critical Safety Alert related to the 173x Series Power Quality Loggers (Models: Fluke-1730, Fluke-1732, Fluke-1734,

Fluke-1736 and Fluke-1738), the 174x Series Power Quality Loggers (Models: Fluke-1742, Fluke-1746 and Fluke-1748) and the 3540FC

Power Monitor to warn users against a serious risk of potential injury or death.

Fluke has determined that certain improper use of the test lead set, 3PHVL-1730 or 3PHVL-1730-5M "Voltage Test Lead, 3-phase + N",

included with the 173x Series,174x Series Power Quality Loggers and 3540FC Power Monitor, may potentially expose users to hazardous

conditions, posing the risk of serious personal injury or death.

While these test leads are compliant with applicable safety standards, it is possible for a user to miswire the voltage connections on

the test lead set when making connections to a Logger. See the diagrams below for examples of miswiring errors.

While the possible wiring errors shown below may seem obvious to trained personnel, if this miswiring were to occur, a phase-to-

phase or phase-to-neutral short circuit could result, potentially causing an arc explosion and posing the risk of serious personal injury or death.

Complete Details

Studio 5000 Missing PowerFlex Drive Database Files Causes Fatal Error during Conversion to V31.00.00 using PowerFlex Drives AOP V5.01

April 2018

This Product Notice informs you of an anomaly that exists with Studio 5000® V31.00.00 with PowerFlex Drives AOP V5.01.

Database files associated with a drive or drive peripheral may be missing. When converting from an earlier version of Studio 5000 to V31.00.00,

if the earlier version application contains drives or drive peripherals, a fatal error may occur in Studio 5000 Logix Designer®.

Complete Details

Mounting Levers for PanelView Plus 7 Performance and PanelView 5500 May Break During Installation

December 2017

This Product Notice informs you of a potential anomaly that exists with the mounting hardware for PanelView™ Plus 7 Performance and PanelView 5500 Graphic Terminals. During proper installation, the mounting levers may break.

Complete Details

Logix Designer Ladder Logic Editor Missing All Rungs in a Routine when Online with Correlation after Online Edits are removed in ControlLogix 5580 and CompactLogix 5380

October 2017

This Product Notice informs you of an anomaly that exists with the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® ladder logic editor. If online changes are made to a ladder logic routine within a ControlLogix® 5580 or CompactLogix® 5380 controller and those changes are assembled or tested, and subsequently removed, all rungs within the routine may be removed when the Go Online command in Logix Designer is used. The rungs will appear as missing within the Logix Designer editor. Controller programs that have been online edited will continue to operate as expected until a program upload and subsequent download is performed.

Complete Details

Firmware for ControlLogix 5580 and CompactLogix 5380 Missing Specific Rungs in Routine after Online Edit with Logix Designer

October 2017

This Product Notice informs you of an anomaly that exists with firmware for the ControlLogix® 5580 and CompactLogix® 5380 controllers. After performing an online edit of a LBL (label) instruction or creating a new LBL instruction, that rung and rungs after it within that routine may be missing in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® ladder logic editor on a subsequent editing of the routine, but will continue to be executing in the controller.

Complete Details

Potential I/O Anomaly with 1732ES ArmorBlock Guard I/O Modules

October 2017

This Product Safety Advisory informs you of a potential anomaly that exists with the 1732ES ArmorBlock® Guard I/O™ Modules. On some modules, connections internal to the product may short together. Depending on the application, this may result in the product not performing its intended safety function.

Complete Details

Rockwell Automation - ArmorConnect Compliance to decaBDE Material Restrictions

September 2017

This Product Notice informs you that Rockwell Automation has identified the EU RoHS-restricted substance Decabromodiphenyl ether (usually referred to as decaBDE CAS number 1163-19-5) in some ArmorConnect receptacles. This substance is restricted in California unless the product is accompanied by a label indicating that the product contains decaBDE. This substance is also banned for products like ArmorConnect receptacles in the U.S. states of Oregon, Maryland, and Illinois, and therefore some ArmorConnect receptacles will not be available for sale in those states until the products become "EU RoHS compliant".
The affected products are ArmorConnect connection devices, catalog numbers: 280-M22F-M1, 280-M24F-M1, 280-M35F-M1, 280-M35F-M3, 280-M35M-M3, 284-M29M-M03, 285-M25M-M05, 285-M24M-M05.

Complete Details

Rockwell Automation - SequenceManager in Studio 5000 Logix Designer V28.00 Connection between Sequence and Phase Disconnects

March 11th, 2016

This Product Notice informs you of an anomaly that exists with the SequenceManager in Studio 5000 Logix Designer V28.00.xx. When an ACD file containing sequence and phase programming is uploaded from a controller, the connection between the phase and the sequence disconnects. On subsequent downloads, this disconnection results in recipe changes from the sequence not being acted on by the phase in the controller.

Full correction of this anomaly requires upgrading your Studio 5000 Logix Designer to V28.01.00 or later. V28.01.00 is expected to be available for download from the Rockwell Automation Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC) on or before end of May 2016.


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