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Modernization Continuum

The Modernization Continuum is a life cycle process and progression of elements necessary to Modernize a plant and its operations to make use of technological advancements for Business Success. The Modernization Continuum helps you plan and focus on the critical success factors of the business and pragmatically progress through the modernization lifecycle. The objective of the continuum is to drive toward:

  • Increased Machine uptime
  • Higher quality with minimal defects
  • Higher production rates through equipment optimization
  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower material costs
  • Increased Safety
  • Better Supply Chain Control and Optimization
  • Complete Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved industry standardization that helps deal with the Aging Workforce and lack of domain expertise as the workforce retires

Revere Electric is proud to be recognized as an authorized distributor of Rockwell Automation. The Modernization Continuum enables Rockwell Automation's Connected Enterprise program, which focuses on connecting the plant floor to the enterprise.

Steps in the Modernization Continuum:

  1. Machine Automation
  2. Smart Machine Modernization
  3. Plant and Machine Network
  4. Machine Data Collected and Stored
  5. Business Analytics and Decisions



The Connected Enterprise: An Introduction

The Connected Enterprise


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