Helpful Links & Calculators

Who couldn’t use a helpful link or calculator now and then? Here are some that we have found useful. Do you have one that you use that we don’t have listed? If you share with us, we will send you a small token of our appreciation. Send your link to


  1. Rockwell Automation
    1. Knowledgebase
    2. Product Selection Toolbox
    3. Integrated Architecture Tools
    4. Rockwell’s Literature Library
    5. Product Compatibility and Download Center
    6. Software Compatibility Checker
    7. Lifecycle Extensions and Migrations
  2. Hoffman
    1. Thermal Management Cooling Selection Tool
  3. Safety
    1. NEC Electrical Code
    2. 2014 NEC Electrical Code Changes
    3. OSHA
    4. Mersen ArcFlash Information Center
    5. Mersen Arc Flash Calculator
    6. Hubbell Safety E-Tour
  4. Electrical
    1. IP Ratings (PDF)
    2. NEMA Ratings (PDF)
    3. Sizing Chart (PDF)
    4. Thread Dimension Chart (Pdf)
    5. On-Line Conversions
    6. Electrician – Electrical Contractor
    7. Electrician Talk
  5. Videos
    1. Who is Rockwell Automation?
    2. Compactlogix Video
    3. Spectrum Webport
    4. Spectrum Webport (2)
  6. Panduit Tools Application

    Alien Crosstalk Testing - estimate labor costs for testing across multiple 10GBASE-T installation projects, and identify cost savings when deploying a Panduit TX6A and TX6A-SD 10Gig Category 6A Copper Cabling System.

    Data Center Cooling - estimate the cost of leaving raised floor tile cutout openings unsealed in the data center, as well as the simple payback period for deploying Panduit Cool Boot Raised Floor Air Sealing Grommets to close these spaces.

    Fiber Routing and Surface Raceway Tools - determine the best product fit based on project-specific cable capacity requirements, both for existing applications (40% fill) and for future expansion (60% fill).

    The app is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, and is free to download from iTunes and Google Play stores. The app is also available from the Calc Tools landing page on

  7. Philips ProLuminaire Catalog App - Mobile access to professional lighting solutions, wherever you are. The entire professional luminaire portfolio at your fingertips. View the App from the Philips Download page.
  8. The Journal (Rockwell’s Monthly Magazine)