What is FactoryTalk and Why Should I be Using it in my Plant?

Rockwell Automation’s software platform, FactoryTalk, should be an integral part of your automation system.

Here’s why:

  • Imagine how much time could be saved by defining something once and sharing that definition across multiple products.
  • Imagine reducing learning curves and engineering time by having one common platform across your Enterprise and plant floor.
  • Imagine one common underlying platform that standardizes data, security, and diagnostics.

One Tool to Use. One System to Manage. One Truth.

Now that we have your attention, let’s walk through the specifics of Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk.

FactoryTalk is an information platform that integrates plant-wide control systems and connects the enterprise with the production facility. The FactoryTalk Services Platform is a suite of common services that are shared by Rockwell Automation assets. These common services are embedded in most of Rockwell Automation’s software and hardware products; allowing them to seamlessly share information such as manufacturing data, diagnostics, and security permissions.

The FactoryTalk Services Platform Consists of the Following Components:

FactoryTalk Activation provides a common secure, centralized software license management system for all Rockwell Automation software products. This means one place to go with the same look and feel for all your licensing tasks. Creative solutions using USB Dongles and Licensing Servers can maximize the efficiency of your licenses and help protect your purchased software.

FactoryTalk Directory is the centerpiece of the FactoryTalk Service Platform and allows products to know about each other. Think of this as a common address book that allows plant-floor devices and systems to look each other up and share information such as users, roles, tags and graphic displays.

FactoryTalk Security provides a layer of application security integrated into the FactoryTalk Directory. Its purpose is to protect your automation system by limiting or restricting access and allowing only designated users who legitimately need access to the automation assets. Security settings in FactoryTalk are very granular and allow policies to be written that can control who (users) can do what (application permissions) from where (resource permissions).

FactoryTalk Diagnostics collects and provides access to activity, status, warning and error messages in the FactoryTalk system to streamline any troubleshooting that is required.

FactoryTalk Audit keeps a record of any changes made by users during design and operation of the system. Imagine having a centrally stored record of every PLC and HMI change made in your plant! These records play a vital role when troubleshooting, creating compliance reports or analyzing asset performance.

FactoryTalk Live Data delivers access to real-time data in the Enterprise. Its job is to manage connections between clients and servers such as FactoryTalk View and a PLC.

FactoryTalk Alarm and Events delivers real-time alarms and events with a common view throughout the system. This common service allows for accurate time stamping across large systems to help determine first-in alarms and root causes of machine issues. It has native redundancy and logging capabilities and can remain operational and capturing events even when systems like the HMI are down.

As you can see, the value that FactoryTalk delivers by providing one common infrastructure within all of your Rockwell Automation products is priceless. Start saving time and resources by utilizing FactoryTalk within your Enterprise.

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