Stratix 2500 Lightly Managed Switch: A Configurable, Compact, Industrial Switch for Less Complex Applications

We are so excited about the Stratix 2500 Lightly Managed Switch. Essentially, this switch closes the gap between unmanaged and managed switches. It offers a simple installation, much like that of the unmanaged switch, at a relatively low cost, while still meeting today’s industrial network demands.

The Stratix 2500 enables network connectivity in applications where traditional unmanaged switches lack the ability to provide network resiliency, diagnostics, and security; allowing you to achieve higher productivity and network reliability.

The Stratix 2500 offers consistent prioritization and delivery of traffic on a per-port basis and helps ensure that critical traffic is transported end to end with priority.

Features and Benefits

Premier Integration into the Integrated Architecture® System

  • Add-on Profile for configuration via Studio 5000 Logix Designer® design environment and FactoryTalk® View Faceplate for diagnostics

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership:

  • VLANs allow for logical segmentation in a single switch, which reduces total number of switches needed

Improve network resiliency:

  • STP helps detect network loops and prevents them before the network stops
  • IGMP enables multicast for data traffic control

Increase network security

  • Port security allows users to disable ports, or control end device connectivity based on MAC address
  • SSH and HTTPS provide secure connectivity

Minimized downtime

  • SNMPv3 and Syslog monitor network-attached devices to uncover errors and decrease downtime
  • Diagnostic information and alarm relay provide actionable information to resolve issues faster
  • Port Mirroring to aid network troubleshooting without affecting the running state of the network

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The Stratix switches product line provides modular and scalable solutions designed for simple to complex Ethernet applications.

Stratix 2500 switch

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